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Jun 2


Love this

I fucking hate you right now…



Love this

I fucking hate you right now…

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Summer so far Part II

      Hey Tumblr Community, I hope you guys are having a fantastic Summer! Mine is complex (as everything else is) yet still going pretty well! Here’s a look into what has gone on this Summer!

     BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON!!!: Well, I fell in love this Summer, not particularly with a girl, but with the amazing city of Boston! As you all may know, I took a trip over there for an NHI program, the CWS. We stayed at Wheelock College (nice place actually) for 4 days and on day one this program already started! We had split into 6 different College teams and held competitions through that. Pretty fun stuff, my team didn’t take things seriously so we did not do that well hahaha it is all cool though! For the most part, Boston was amazing! The only real complaint I had were the dorms at Wheelock, it felt like a volcano in each room! My roommate and I woke up constantly throughout the night, it was that bad. One thing I also noticed about Boston was the continuous amount of walking! No wonder why NE citizens are way wealthier than Texans, they walk soooooo much! My favorite walk was the walk from Wheelock all the way downtown to the Prudential Center and Mall! Oh, the sites were soooooo lovely! There were soooo many of those Italian streetside restaurants and I saw the outside of Berklee College of Music!! Coming from a small city like Corpus Christi, the feel of a metropolis such as Boston is quite the experience! I wish I could have stayed there longer! Real talk! And the mall, don’t get me started, this is not no La Palmera bull crap haha, this Prudential Mall was the classiest, most modern mall I have seen! They had stores for Vineyard Vines, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Barney’s! Damn!!!!!! People in my city think American Eagle is cool, f**k that,  go to Boston and you are a scrub! (Just kidding of course haha) Anyways, ahhh Boston! One thing I do regret is not going to the top of the Prudential Tower! It was quite high, and you basically get a view of the whole beautiful city of Boston! It does not matter though, if this one special girl comes and staffs with me in Boston next year, her and I get to experience such a breathtaking view together! That’d be soooo cool! Just saying hahahaha.

  To sum it all up, Boston was BOSS! I miss it already! To be honest, I feel like I belong in Boston, I don’t know why but it stuck to my heart. I definitely do plan to send in apps to a few schools in Boston, and I’ll be back sooner or later! Who knows if I’ll be back, all I know is that I am ready to explore ALL OF BOSTON!! :)

Summer so far.

      If I have to describe how this summer is going, I don’t think I can put forth a single adjective that best sums it up. Well, then again, I can say it is complicated!!! The summer started with State Solo and Ensemble Competition. No 1’s this year, just 2’s. (Do y’all have any idea how much I loathe the number “2” by the way?) Eh, orchestra just has not been too fair to me this year. As the ole saying goes, “You always got next year!” Yeah, I do have next year, but after next year, I don’t have anymore years…

    Anyways, afterwards I started rehearsing with the Del Mar Chamber Orchestra! We are playing the “Theme from the Magnificent Seven” (Epic Song), we are playing a Medley from the Movie, “Dance With The Wolves”, a piece named, “Fandango”, and some Mozart Concerto in which my instructor is playing the Violin solo. I must admit, Dr. Ehle freaking kills it on the violin! If I could play like him, I could literally get any girl I want. Hey, maybe one day I can be a great violinist. (It would be tough to be both a great attorney and violinist, but it can be done!) 

    Continuing on, just this past week I attended the 2012 TX Great Debate in my last term as Head Coach (Lost the last election a few days ago…) again, NHI NEVER disappoints! The team and I had a blast! Even though this was probably one of our smaller teams to go to Sherman, they were freaking amazing! We even had one CX team make the Final 4! (In case you did not know, that is a really big deal.) I am so proud of all of the new NHIers and I really do hope they continue on with the organization. It’ll be worth it in the end.

     One thing I am actually pretty disappointed with this Summer are my friends, well the ones I go to school with. NHIers are the exception, they are the most amazing people I know. Anyways, my friends basically blow. For example, during the school year, they seem to act like the coolest, closest friends ever… but once Summer comes, absolutely NONE of them even communicate with me. Even those who want me to consider them “Best Friends”. F**k that, I am really tired of their crap. Maybe I have to stop being the nice guy, I get stepped on. I become the guy that won’t get invited to the event that everyone is invited to. At the end of the day, when I express my anger to these friends, they will either lie and say, “Let’s hang out tomorrow!” or something pathetic and phony like, “It is ok.” Ugh, f**k that. Seriously.

    So far though, this summer has not had any “Magical Moments” but, Summer is far from over, I am going to Boston in 2 weeks for my last NHI program as a high schooler, the CWS, (You cannot even imagine how excited I am). Plus, I do get to staff the 2012 TX LDZ. Yeah, I really do believe that these “Magical Summer Moments” will happen, they are just bound to. I’ll just have to wait just a little bit longer for things to start happening.  

Life is moving on… Really fast!

       Wow, I cannot even believe it; junior year is approaching a much-needed end! As crazy and stressful as this year has been, I realize this year has brought upon a coming-of-age for not only myself, but alot of my other friends as well. Before I even realize it, I’ll be leaving the only home I know for college. In a year and a half, I’ll be packing my bags to somewhere like Austin, SA, Houston, Lubbock, who knows where! As high school approaches though, I feel like I have not really ever satisfied my heart’s desires while living in CC. Maybe I am scared of taking risks. The thought of releasing my vulnerability towards anyone is just frightening! Maybe if I can let go, I can be a better friend, maybe I can inspire others, maybe I can actually live life! Sometimes, I would just love to live like the careless teenagers in those crazy 80s movies; having fun, having the absence of care, and hanging out with friends. The idea sounds so simple, yet distance from who I am. 

      I guess the concept of growing up has led me to question my life and the legacy I am leaving. Who is Jaime Vazquez? Has Jaime lived up to his own expectations? The whole concept of growing up has left me in a state of complete bewilderment! Sometimes, I feel as if I am the only one in my high school who has not grown up! Never have I been in such mature situations as my peers. Many who actively party, hang out with friends daily, have been in serious relationships, are carefree, and many who are just collectively cool and still fun. I feel as though my antics are just stress-loaded, a little silly and immaturish, and too preoccupied. 

      Life is just moving by so quickly and there are so many game-changing moments that I feel overwhelmingly passive in the events occurring in the environment. Life is moving on, but am I?

Favorite Actress (1/3) - Jennifer Lawrence | requested by four-odairs

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Back on Tumblr! Here’s what’s new in my life folks!

Hey amigos! I know I haven’t been on Tumblr for a few months now, but hey it’s all good; I am back!

Here’s been a basic wrap-up of my life these past few months!

  • I have started violin lessons with a new instructor and he’s pretty chill!
  • I’ve read the Hunger Games (Phenomenal Books Series) and I saw the movie on opening weekend!
  • In my Hunger Games obsession I have developed a strong crush on Jennifer Lawrence Hahahaha :P
  • NHI has started up again, and this is has been the craziest and most stressful season so far!
  • I made two 1s for my Violin Solo and for my String Quartet! That means I get to go to State!!! :D
  • I went to my first school dance and it was actually pretty fun! :)
  • I have gotten surgery on my toes! :o
  • My uncle has moved in my house for a little while to get back on his feet. (So far, almost two months of sobriety!)
  • My tio in Mexico passed away. :(
  • I’ve discovered my hidden talents in English hahaha (Thanks Abel)
  • Well, as of recently I have developed a crush on this one girl. I don’t know if she likes me back; she might actually like another dude, who is a great friend so I am not jealous haha. But it would be so if she’d be my girlfriend you know? :D
  • Tomorrow I have Orchestra concert and I hope we get Sweepstakes for the 2nd time in a row.
  • I have AP, SAT, ACT, THEA, and TAKS testing coming up soon oh boy…

Fights. Why celebrate them?

   Imagine yourself at school, minding your own business and having a quick chat with your friends at lunch. All of a sudden you see a crowd start gathering, screaming of excitement, acting as if money were falling from the sky! Out of curiosity you follow the crowd to see what the deal is and the mysterious event that is dispersing joy amongst the typical high school student is a fight. 

   While boxing and MMA fights might be entertaining to watch, a school fight is just a plain ugly sight to see. Watching two people blow punches to the face, or scratching each other to injure is not only ugly, it is also sad. To make matters worse, other students cheer the two students on. What confuses me is how violent behavior conceived out of a complete sense of anger causes joy to those outside the predicament. 

   When fellow classmates are cheering on two or more people fighting, what could they really be cheering on? Is it the embarrassment between the two fighting? Is it the fact that our classmates are rooting for an ugly event that could potentially annihilate a close friendship? Are our fellow classmates advocating violence? Are they advocating frustration in the hearts of the two lost souls fighting not only the person next to them, but themselves as well? I have a friend who got in a fight with her best friend of over 10 years. The cause, a rumor her friend believed. Not only does my friend regret giving her a black eye, she also regrets doing that to someone she loves dearly. She now fears that her best friend might not ever forgive her. 

    Fights are ugly, heck violence is ugly in general, however my question is this: Are the people cheering and advocating the fights on the same level of dissatisfaction as those who are actually fighting? I think so.

My First Blog!

So, as of lately, I have been really interested in creating my own blog. I created this Tumblr account last year and I was too lazy to figure it out. Now, I’ve finally figured it out, and I’m ready to launch this blog! (Sorry if I may sound kind of a bit too excited about this, it’s just because I am)

                 A few of the reasons why I wanted to create a blog in the first place is to simply talk about things. Never is there a moment where I lack the crave of an intelligent discussion! With a blog, I can also share my own thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world. I am one who is not afraid to to let others know who the real “Jaime Vazquez” is. The inner thoughts, the unspoken words, and the deepest feelings will be shared on my blog, and I can’t wait to share my world with you guys. So, if you ever find time, make sure to visit my blog as I will be uploading weekly thoughts and discussions!